"Our job has fields around the world including Japan, and requires communication with a variety of people from different positions and backgrounds. Above all, work in developing countries is a valuable opportunity for employees to grow professionally and personally, so young staff are also actively engaged in projects in foreign countries.

Our employees have various specialties and backgrounds ranging from architectural design to social development specializing in education and gender. We aim to have our working environment where you can improve yourself and respect another. In addition, based on the premise that good work is rooted in the stable life of each employee, we support the employees to balance between work and private life, while considering the individual circumstances. With regard to employees whose work is restricted due to childbirth, childcare, nursing care, etc., we team up in each department to cover their work. This team work enables us to execute our work smoothly and to protect the private lives of our employees. A wide range of opportunities are available at our company regardless of gender or age. "

Architect Engineer

CATEGORY 1. Domestic architectural designing, Architect
2. Overseas architectural designing (Experiences of overseas study and JICA would be advantageous.)
3. Domestic and overseas estimate
4. Domestic sales (Person of architectural sales experience)
5. Overseas resident architectural supervision
REQUIRED A few, as occasion demands
CONDITIONS Well-treated according to our office regulations. Complete social insurance.

Please send us your curriculum vitae with a photo. (Please specify preferred category of work among (1) to (5). )
Experiences of contractor's designing division and construction management division would be also advantageous.